About US

Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in our website. Our site gleamingstars.com was founded back in early 2020, and we aim to make this site the largest hand-made picture database of the most famous celebrities on the Internet.

All the images you see on this website are already in the public domain. We never use anything that “celebrities or photographers” do not want to share on the net. If you find anything on the website that the real-owner does not want to share with us, please contact us immediately via the Contact Us page, and we will remove those photos immediately within 5-10 hours. (Obviously, after prior investigation whether you actually own that piece of content or not)

However, when we do this, we do not just snap pictures of celebrities on one page, we give proper information about the person and tell our readers facts and figures about the stars. So yes, this is one of Wikipedia’s hot and sexy celebrity pictures.

Our organization is run by a small group of like-minded people based in India. We currently have a team of 20 people, who work from our office location to Durg city (Rajasthan state), who are reading our readers and fans on this site. We have made big plans in the coming years to cover a lot more content.

If you guys have any feedback, please contact us directly through the Contact Us page, and we will respond in less than 5-10 hours. Your feedback is taken very seriously, and we will make changes to the site based on that. Hope you guys enjoy the content on our website! Have a wonderful day ahead.